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Architects drew, masters, journeymen and apprentices gathered.
They threw the iron into the Fire. It was so hot, it had taken on the color of fire.
It was moist as wood, soft as leather.
The masters all took hammers in their hands. Iron is stuck between hammer and anvil.
A voice came from the iron, It was not a scream! The Masters felt the symphony and kept hammering the iron.
They hammered the iron...
As the masters forge the iron; Demir was obeying.Feeling the pride of serving soundness in life, Demir understood that it would appeal to visuality and establish a throne in hearts, and it came to love...
He was making love with hammer blows and offering beauty to life.
Yılmaz KÖKSAL, who saw and witnessed this and felt and lived it for 24 years, said;
We Forge Iron with Love, not anger, so iron obeys us.
Iron becomes what we want it to be.
This is our job, this is our love.
Iron and fire respond to our love with the greatest of generosity.
We are satisfied with iron, iron is pleased with us.
These experiences are the pleasure of our love with iron.


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About Wrought Iron

  • What is Wrought Iron?
    French; Iron, which comes from the word "fer forgé" and is used in the sense of "wrought iron", has been used in various fields from its existence to the present day. The person who discovered the artistic side of iron with the Middle Ages, has softened the coldness of iron with art by giving dimension to iron with the artistic shaping it gives. As wrought iron, with this point of view, we offer a divine power to our living spaces by "FIGHTING IRON WITH LOVE" and giving it a new spirit.
  • Wrought Iron, In Which Areas Is It Used?
    This product is mostly used in areas such as doors, windows, stairs, seats, balconies. Besides, nowadays; exhibiting even more decorative touches with an artistic point of view, it takes its place among the products that are frequently encountered in living spaces.
  • Is there an alternative to Wrought Iron?
    The alternative to wrought iron is itself. Although he seems egoistic, he obeys only those who respond to him with patience and love. Because wrought iron; It is a love art with a high aesthetic perception.
  • I want to get wrought iron service
    If you want to get wrought iron service, I would like to state that we have the best craftsmen in Turkey. Our craftsmen, who have devoted a lifetime to this work, come to meet you at the place where wrought iron will be made, if you call us. Don't worry about price and workmanship. If you wish, you can also visit us in our workshop.
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